Agenda – 20 September 2018


1. Apologies for absence

2. To co-opt a new member of the parish council

3. Declarations of interest and written dispensations on agenda items

4. Agree the minutes of the meetings held on 19 July and 20 August 2018

5. Report from working group on meeting with the recreation association and HALC regarding the pavilion project, and review the business plan and specification for the construction of the pavilion

6. Receive report on Herefordshire Council from Ward Cllr. Bowen

7. Clerk’s report and reports on meetings attended by parish councillors

8. Invitation to members of the public to address the council (limited to 15)

9. Plans
182858 Whitestones Farm, The Goggin, Richards Castle, SY8 4EX – Proposed steel portal framed building to store muck.
183010 Orleton House Kitchen Hill Road Orleton SY8 4HN – To trim two Silver Birch trees back, some branches are almost resting on the main roof and are overhanging the conservatory roof. To trim back to the border and partially reduce the spread of some branches of one oak tree and reduce the height of a thicket of approximately 2-3 trees, believed to be damson. A proposed reduction of approximately 2metres would constitute approximately 20% of the current spread of the Oak tree and Silver Birch’s affected branches. 2 metres would constitute 20% of the height of the thicket of Damson tree. See application form for full description.
183312, 1 Millbrook Way, Orleton, SY8 4JR – Two Silver Birch growing close together overhanging and obstructing public footway and in contact with telephone wires to neighbouring property. Remove and replace with Walnut in location further back from public footway.
Update on recent planning applications/ enforcement

10. Accounts
i) Financial Statement to date
ii) Payments to agree:
D C Gardening Services, lengthsman – £174.00
Leo Pest Control, dog waste removal – £136.80
Orleton Village Hall, broadband subscription – £105.24
ICO, data protection fee (ratify) – £35.00
iii) External auditor report and certificate 2017-18
iv) Consider NALC Legal Topic Note on donations to churches

11. Lengthsman/ Highways and Footpaths

12. Report from working group on meeting with the locality steward to review requested traffic regulation orders, and review quotation from the highways authority to study, investigate and assess these and other requested highways projects

13. Consider response to General Scrutiny Committee’s invitation to comment on pothole repairs and other public realm services

14. Consider report of deterioration in the condition of the listed Boot Inn and adjoining single cell dwelling

15. Proposal to display historic parish council records and maps at village hall

16. Parking on the pavement

17. Consider adoption of new NALC standing orders and financial regulations

18. Consultations by Herefordshire Council:
a) Budget 2019-20
b) Children’s and young people’s plan
c) Hereford Area Plan – Housing and Employment Site Options

19. Parish council projects in 2018 – review ‘wish-list’ of projects and initiatives

20. Matters raised for next meeting (no discussion)

21. Information items

22. Date of the next meeting and close meeting

The Clerk
16 September 2018

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