Draft Minutes


PRESENT B Gandy – Chairman; P Smith – Vice Chairman; J Hobson; J Humber; and M Morrison.

IN ATTENDANCE Will Sanders, Footpath Officer; Ward Cllr. S Bowen (Bircher Ward); and R Hewitt (Clerk). There were seven members of the public present.

1. Apologies for absence – J Page and E Clanzy-Hodge.

2. Declarations of interest and written dispensations on agenda items – None.

3. The minutes of the meetings held on 18 July and 29 August 2019 were agreed and signed as a true record.

4. Clerk’s report and reports on meetings attended by parish councillors – The landowner is to check ash trees on Kings Road by the school. Off peak short working journeys from Leominster to Ludlow have been retained in the revised timetable for the 490 bus service. Severn Trent and Balfour Beatty have carried out a site survey to try to identify gullies that may connect with the foul system. None were found but some defects with the highway drainage system were identified that may be scheduled for repair depending on funding.

‘Do not knock’ stickers are available. The contractor that maintains the website will ensure it is in compliance with the new accessibility requirements which come into force next year. NALC has updated the model financial regulations. The Vintage Motor Cycle Club has advised of a trial event which will use Tunnel Lane and Millbrook Way in September. The 2020-21 precept needs to be submitted to Herefordshire Council by the end of 2019. Herefordshire Council is hosting a new PC Summit (the Chairman said he will be attending).

Cllrs. J Hobson and P Smith provided a report on the meeting of the Brimfield Brook Natural Flood Management Group held in August 2019. Volunteers are helping to monitor water levels in the brook and the data is being tracked. Possible alert systems include using text messages and working with the clerks of affected parishes. The key objective of the initiative is to put in place ‘natural’ flood management measures.

In response to a question from a member of the public the Chairman provided an update on the ‘Edge of care’ meeting facilitated by the parish council.

5. Proposed highway improvements on B4361 and B4362 – A report on responses received on the public consultation on the proposed scheme was summarised.

Members of the public spoke in support of action to address speeding on the B4361 and B4362 at Orleton and Comberton, including enforcement and use of Speed Indicator Displays (SIDs).

The parish council agreed unanimously to proceed with the proposed highway improvements scheme on the B4361 and B4362 which will cost an estimated £18,000 (plus VAT).

6. Lengthsman/ Highways and Footpaths – A member of the public reported a defective drain on the B4361 at Comberton. Mr Will Sanders, footpaths officer, said 85 percent of PROWs have now been walked, and defects found reported to the locality steward. Unfortunately, the circular walk using OL36 and OL9 is blocked by an overgrown field. A new stile is required on OL37. The footpaths officer kindly agreed to look at defects reported by members of the public on OL2, OL4 and OL29. Overgrown sections of OL28 will be brought to the attention of the landowner.

A member of the public asked about gates which have been put in place for private access to the recreation ground, and this was referred to the Orleton Recreation Association. The parish council as custodian trustee is not involved in the management of the recreation ground.

The decision by Herefordshire Council to pause and review the Hereford bypass and southern link road was noted.

7. Plans
192957 Orleton House, Kitchen Hill Road, Orleton, SY8 4HN – Works to Beech Tree to remove 4m off the tree all round, thin the canopy of the tree and remove any dead wood. Remove Fir Tree. The proposed tree work was supported.

[Ward Cllr. Bowen joined the meeting.]

Herefordshire Council has granted planning permission for 191907 Claremont House, 192061 The Glebe House, 192536 Orleton Surgery and 192608 Spring Cottage. Listed building consent has been granted for 192389 Orleton House. Works to trees within a conservation area have been allowed for 192269 Manor Barn, and 192610, 3 Mortimer Close.

8. Report on Herefordshire Council – Ward Cllr. Bowen said work on the Hereford bypass and southern link road has been paused by Herefordshire Council pending a report commissioned on each project. The general scrutiny committee has looked at the decision. Apparently, the bypass is one of the top two priorities for government spending on new roads.

The railway station at Pontrilas may be brought back into use, and Ward Cllr. Bowen said he would like to see a station at Woofferton. The velocity patcher will be back in April 2020. The locality steward supports the resurfacing of Kings Road, and this has been placed on the schedule but has yet to be timetabled. The Police and Crime Commissioner can fund schemes that address speeding and other highway safety issues.

9. Accounts
i) The latest balances of the parish council accounts were noted: Treasurer – £11,501.94; and Money Manager – £20,355.38. The VAT refund for the period 2017-19 has been paid by HMRC (£3,785.65).
ii) The following payments were agreed: D C Gardening Services, lengthsman/ footpaths (£36.00); Luston Group Parish Council, third share in two SWARCO SIDs and associated equipment (£1,500.00); Leo Pest Control, dog waste removal (£45.60); Orleton Village Hall, room hire (£75.00); and PKF Littlejohn, external audit fee (£240.00).
iii) 2018/19 External Auditor Report. The conclusion of the 2018-19 audit was noted. There are no matters raised by the external auditor
iv) Quotation for proposed highways work on the B4361 aimed at improving road safety. Deferred pending delivery of quotation from Balfour Beatty.

10. Scheme to recycle crisp packets – The scheme works through a collection box for the used crisp packets. There are other programmes to recycle typically hard-to-recycle waste which the parish council may wish to support. The meeting agreed to defer consideration of the options to the next meeting.

11. Purchase of second defibrillator and cabinet for external wall at the school – The parish council identified that the cost will be close to £1,400, based on the following: defibrillator £1,100 (Cardiac Science Powerheart G5); cabinet £400; installation by an electrician £120; less £250 from a donation offered by the Orleton coffee morning. The meeting agreed to approach the school to propose a fund raising initiative, and for any remaining funding gap to be covered by the parish council.

12. ‘We don’t buy Crime’ offer from the Police and Crime Commissioner – Deferred.

(Standing orders were suspended in order to complete the meeting agenda.)

13. Local connection committee – Cllrs. J Humber and M Morrison kindly agreed to join the local connection committee.

14. Member communications – It was agreed to share member email addresses for the purposes of parish council business.

15. Matters raised for next meeting (no discussion) – New batteries for the SIDs.

16. Information items – Noted.

17. Date of next meeting – 7.30pm, Thursday 17 October 2019.

The meeting closed at 9.48 pm.